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About Us

Experience the taste of home from afar. At Fat Daddy’s, we are committed to giving American Expats living in Germany a sense of familiarity. From snacks to soft drinks and other savory American delights, we provide Expats with the popular brands they know and love. Specializing in North American imports, we know the process. We pride ourselves in providing a large assortment of difficult to find traditional goods. That includes the essential ingredients for American recipes. Experience home from anywhere by bringing authentic delicacies to life trying out some of our many recipes. Our guiding pillar to give you an exceptional experience each step of the way.

Our Mission

To bring everyday American Expats and food connoisseurs authentic North American grocery products to Germany. Living in a foreign country is easier when you can enjoy the products you love. As a premier brand that prides itself in imports, we go the extra mile to give you the full experience. We work closely with North American vendors to understand the market trends and bring you the essentials. And our process ensures a seamless experience. From online orders to our local pickup option, America is only a corner away. 

Our Vision

To bring American Expats and food connoisseurs living in Germany together. Food has always been a medium for people to come together. By delivering popular and long time favorite American brands, we give Expats a sense of comfort away from home. We continuously evaluate our offerings and prices to deliver your favorite gems at a fair rate.

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